The Harm of V Schedules on Kids: A Personal Story with Leigh-Allyn Baker


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@peepso_user_2206(Leticia Nouel)
I would recommend also to watch a movie called Dark Waters if you haven't yet.
3 weeks ago
@peepso_user_7618(AA A)
Omg!! Leigh-Allyn Baker!!! How we LOVE you in our house! We were in love with your acting and comedy on GLC, my children and even husband watched every episode over and over. BAM!
and then I heard you were fired by Hollyweird bc you stood against V's (like myself) and I think I about jumped for joy ( not bc you were fired) I was like " I knew she was awesome and smart I just knew it! (gut feeling- hah! Bam! and then I prayed for you. Now I see you here? It's just wild to me. This interview made me cry loads. I am such an advocate for children. I'm a teacher and a healer. I've used Sound to help children in my class ( wave of future medicine) and Brain Gym which I'm sure you've heard of. They use this in the DC Fairfax Co schools where I worked years ago. I am going to send this interview to everyone I know. How can anyone deny your story? If they do they are cowards unable to process Truth and stand up for the lives of our precious children. God Bless you for all you an… Read more
2 weeks ago