At UNIFYD, we strive to create a community that is inclusive, friendly, and empowering for our members. We promote the ability to express yourself freely without the fear of being “canceled.” We put the power in the hands of the people to self-regulate and take responsibility for the things they want to read and view on our platform. In taking this stance, we understand that a small percentage of individuals may still express things that don’t align with the majority, are offensive, and at times may be hateful and divisive. We strongly discourage these types of posts as they do not align with the values that unite humanity with love and respect. In summary, we take a firm stance against pornography as well as anything illegal within applicable laws. On all other topics, we discourage anything that is hateful and offensive to any group, race, and/or individual.

We have provided built-in options available on the platform to block and unfriend/unfollow any individuals and groups that do not align with values of your own. As the majority does this, it leaves the individual or group no voice within the community. By empowering each of our members to take responsibility for their actions and emotions, we give the power back to the people and take it away from centralized governing bodies.