DISCLOSURE: An Interview with “Ray”


“DISCLOSURE” is an exclusive interview with “Ray”, an individual who Jason Shurka has been working with since June of 2018 that works with an undercover organization for the betterment of humanity knows at TLS (The Light System) This explosive interview is an in-depth discussion about Ray’s first-hand experiences with TLS (The Light System), Extraterrestrials, extremely advanced (and suppressed) technology, “supernatural” phenomenon, out-of-body travelling, NASA, the underground tunnels, the children, the Global Agenda and so much more.

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@peepso_user_1893(Jeff McAllister)
I am sure the TLS is waiting on this rising consciousness, otherwise sleepy people wont understand this information. But i think this is coming soon and Ray may be surprised to see it in his lifetime. The energy shifts happening right now are more intense than any other shifts in eons. I am 38 and I incarnated here at this time in order to watch the entirety of the shift. So i dont know exactly when humanity breaks the awakening threshold but it is 100% in my lifetime. I say this because I remember the feeling of planing out this adventure.
@peepso_user_1472(Jamie Cauwood)
@peepso_user_1893(Jeff McAllister) love this
1 week ago
@peepso_user_6456(Leah Grant)
His frustration with TLS is palpable. It is also understandable. Knowing there is an organization that has the power to stop the condition of human (or any other beings) suffering and then also knowing those with that power won't use it to interfere with the organic evolution of consciousness is a theme Star Trek played with many times over the years. I also think back to Greek mythology...what are the ramifications, if you do as Prometheus and give them fire? "Ray" also though says that we don't really have free will because of the lies and manipulation, so then, one could argue that if we don't know important things, we are not really able to follow our destiny or employ our free will...we are, as the said, enslaved. So then, why not use that power to stop the lies and manipulation so free will can be utilized and we can honestly see what humanity chooses?