DETOX PROTOCOL with Dr. Marc Schwartz

In this discussion, Dr. Marc Schwartz gives a detailed outline of a Detox Protocol to mitigate the ill-effects of “the thing”. The detox protocol is below, and should be followed on a 21 day cycle x 3 times. (3 months)

Cordyceps: 500mg 2x/day
Japanene Knotweed: 500mg 2x/day
Curcumin: 500mg 2x/day
Systemic/Proteolytic Enzymes: 4 tabs on empty stomach 2x/day
Green Tea Extract: 500mg 2x/day

Note: For all protocols, Dr. Schwarzts recommends a binder such as Chlorella – minimum dose 4 gms/day

Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Marc Schwartz with any questions at

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. If you choose to follow this protocol or any other protocol we promote, you assume full responsibility and liability for your own medical decisions.


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