UNIFYD is more than just a social media platform. It is a movement. A movement to put the power back into the hands of the people. A movement that encourages free speech, no matter your beliefs. A movement to unify humanity.

By joining UNIFYD, not only will you have access to an incredible growing social network, you will also be lending a helping hand to building a new system with the intention of making the old one obsolete.


Find people with similar interests all around the world! With thousands of groups and counting, UNIFYD Social is home to everyone who is dedicated to sharing interests and uplifting humanity.


Our unique UNIFYNDER allows you to see where other UNIFYD members are around you! Find real friends and connect with others in your location.

Want to keep your location private? No problem! You can choose whether or not to share your location with other UNIFYD Social members.


UNIFYD Social is 100% CENSORSHIP-FREE! We will always preserve your right to free speech and critical thought, and will not remove or censor any content.


Connect with your friends internally on UNIFYD Social Messenger. Send messages, photos, links and more with our direct messaging feature.



We believe in freedom of speech and critical thought, and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We will never remove or censor content that challenges the “mainstream” narrative.


Our platform is member-supported, which means we are not at the mercy of advertisers pushing their products or services to sustain our platform. This allows us to keep the power in the hands of the people as opposed to the advertisers.


UNIFYD Social is supported and funded solely by our UNIFYD Premium memberhips. By upgrading to UNIFYD Premium, not only do you gain unlimited access to a wide array of premium benefits, but you directly help sustain and expand the UNIFYD platform with our mission to bring humanity together as one.


When you upgrade to UNIFYD Premium, you gain unlimited streaming access to UNIFYD TV – including interviews, Q&As, guided meditations, original series, documentaries, teachings, LIVE events and more!


Browse our growing library of over 500 exclusive titles of compelling interviews, explosive discussions, original series by UNIFYD, weekly guided meditations, sound healings and activations, teachings on physical, mental and spiritual health, and so much more!


Learn from an amazing lineup of educators who are dedicated to spreading information and helping humanity across a variety of disciplines.

UNIFYD TV is a host to exclusive workshops on all levels of wellness and mindfulness, including health and holistic healing, nutrition, developing your psychic abilities, conscious parenting, raising your vibration, and so much more!


With UNIFYD TV, you’ll have access to a number of LIVE online events every month! Interactive events such as Q&As with different special guests, workshops, guided meditations, activations, DNA upgrades, and more!


 UNIFYD SocialUNIFYD Premium
Connect with members globally
Share photos, videos & links
Direct message
Create groups
Access to all content on UNIFYD TV
Unlimited streaming access to all original series, films, documentaries, teachings & more!
Access to LIVE Q&A sessions
Access to exclusive interviews
Access to exclusive workshops
Access to weekly guided meditations


Is UNIFYD Social free?

Yes! By signing up for UNIFYD Social, you're joining a revolutionary social network that was built by the people, for the people.

UNIFYD Social is 100% supported by YOU through our UNIFYD Premium subscriptions. We do not have advertisers or investors in the company, and so we rely on Premium memberships to cover all costs of running our platform.

You do not have to be a Premium member to enjoy the benefits of UNIFYD Social.

Does UNIFYD have an app?

We are very excited to announce we have an app for iPhone and Android! Head over to the app store on your mobile device, and search UNIFYD World.

How does UNIFYD handle hateful or harmful groups who choose to be present on the platform?

At UNIFYD, we are 100% censorship-free. We will not remove content simply because it goes against our beliefs or views.

With that being said, if there is a controversial issue on the platform, we will conduct a transparent community vote open to all members to decide whether the group should be on the platform or not. The power lies with the people of our community.

As always, illegal or explicit content will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately.

If there are no ads on UNIFYD, how is it being funded?

Our platform is 100% supported by our UINFYD Premium members! With a paid subscription to UNIFYD Premium, not only do you gain unlimited access to all exclusive content in our library, but you are directly supporting our movement of creating a new system where the power is in the hands of the people!

What do I get when I upgrade to Premium?

With a UNIFYD Premium membership, you'll get unlimited access to all exclusive content (interviews, Q&As, discussions, teachings, workshops, meditations, expansive courses, and more!), including VIP access to LIVE events throughout the month!

As an added bonus, you'll also get 20% off all merchandise in our store.


If I join UNIFYD Premium in the middle of the month, do I get charged for a full month?

No. Regardless of the date you sign up, you will be charged the subscription price and your membership will be automatically renewed on that same day every month.

I am already a UNIFYD Premium member but I wish to give more. Is there a way I can donate?

Yes! We are incredibly grateful for all of the support we receive to keep this platform running and to evolve it into something much bigger together.

If you wish to donate, you can click here to make a contribution.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Absolutely! While we are sad to see you leave, you may cancel your subscription at any time on your Account page. You will continue to have access to your account for the remainder of your subscription length. At this time, we cannot provide refunds for cancellations.


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